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Location: Shortcut to Homepage -After Effects Training-Combo Package Training and Demo DVD
Combo Package Training and Demo DVD
Combo Package Training and Demo DVD
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Price: $119.99


Product Information
Enjoy both Creative Photo Montage Techniques Using Adobe® After Effects® and Josh Fozzard's Wedding Demo Clips Made with AE, and see where Adobe After Effects can take your entire video productions to an entirely new level of creativity and inspiration.

Demo Clips Made with AE

View a collection of 15 demo clips of Josh Fozzard's wedding videography from Moonlight Memory Video Productions created using Adobe After Effects. Awesome creativity and inspiration, Includes:

  • 2004 Winning WEVA Photo Montage Battle Video
  • 2005 Winning 4EVER Group Montage Challenge Video
  • 2005 WEVA Photo Montage Battle Entry
  • "Big Head Puppet" Opening credits
  • After Effects created Opening Title Sequences, DVD Menus, etc.
  • Plenty of inspiration for your projects

over an hour of video clips

Creative Photo Montage Techniques using Adobe After Effects

Discover and watch over 20 creative After Effects tutorials and learn techniques to bring your photo montage videos to life with movement and emotion. In this project-based training DVD-ROM, Josh Fozzard will walk you through these fast and easy techniques that will increase your production values and your bottom line. For users of all skill levels, this Adobe After Effects training video includes:

  • Photo Mosaic Super Zoom Tutorial (Free Mosaic Software Included)
  • 3D Photos Effect with camera moves
  • Special effects like snow, rain, clouds, etc.
  • How to assemble a photo montage video in After Effects
  • Plus many more jaw dropping techniques
  • After Effects project files and assests are included on the disc

DVD-ROM PC/Mac Compatible*. Macromedia Flash required.
2.5 hours of jaw-dropping techniques
Some lessons on the training DVD use certain effects found only in AE 6.5 Pro and third party plug-ins. Although it is not necessary to have AE or the plugins to view the DVD, they are required to recreate some of the techniques.

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